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Utility Bill Management

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Utility Bill Management

Our Utility Bill Management (UBM) services can be incorporated in our Energy Management Information Services (EMIS) offerings, allowing you to easily manage and compare your energy and water use utility bills. We help you analyze your energy use and identify areas where you can save money. With the help of our experienced team, you can optimize your bill and keep energy costs under control

Submetering & Tenant Billing

Utility Submetering is an essential service for multifamily buildings and other multi-tenant spaces, providing accurate energy use measurements and tenant billing for multiple utility accounts. With Utility Submetering, you can track commodity usage of each individual unit across an entire space, allowing you to bill each tenant based on their actual use. Some examples include domestic water, gas, electric, and/or other heating or cooling costs such as steam, chilled water or hot water.  This service is a great way to help reduce energy costs and ensure fair and accurate billing.  Whether you are a landlord who wants to gain insight on your tenant's usage, or a property management company or municipality who wants to see all of your properties utility information in one space, ABI has a solution for you.

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