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Think of ABI as your go-to-provider for insight on your facility's existing lighting, HVAC, or other powered equipment.   ABI can guide you with both recommendations and upgrade solutions.   Included herein is a variety of services we offer.  Feel free to give us a call or send us an email to find out more.  


EMIS, MBCx, FDD, M&V and ABCx™ 

Energy Management Information Systems (EMIS) consist of powerful tools to help you make decisions about your building's mechanical and electrical equipment and space.   You may want to evaluate the past, the present or predict the future energy use or functionality of your equipment; or have some of your own ideas you want to see implemented to monitor performance. 


ABI recognizes not all systems provide information in the way you need it or can best utilize it; therefore, ABI will work with you to find the best solution or custom approach to meet your needs.  Whether you are just looking for analytics software or a fully hosted solution (such as our ABCx™ Service) or a mix of the two, ABI is here to help.


  • Energy Information Systems (EIS)

  • Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx)

  • Fault Detection & Diagnostics (FDD)

  • Measurement & Verification Services (M&V)

  • Analytics Based Commissioning (ABCx)

Please visit to learn more about the variety of solutions we have to offer or contact us.

Local Utility Rebates

ABI works with local utility rebate programs such as the BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® which includes the potential to save up to 75% on energy efficiency services with a return on investment often less than two years through the Building Tune-up Program.  Contact us today to find out how we may help your facility.

More information about EmPOWER Maryland Program can be found here:

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program® Provider
SkySpark® Reseller (VAR)

ABI is a value-added reseller (VAR) of the SkySpark Software for those whom wish to install SkySpark Software on their own server.  

SkySpark is registered trademark of SkyFoundry, LLC.  


More information may be found at or

SkySpark®, Haxall, and Axon Consultants

ABI specializes in providing custom SkySpark, Haxall, and Axon solutions for the built environment. 


What is Haxall? SkyFoundry, LLC has made a portion of their underlying SkySpark Software open source and named it Haxall. 


Both SkySpark and Haxall are built around the Haystack data model and are extremely efficient in handling historical data.   

What is Axon?  Axon is an underlying programming language used in both SkySpark and Haxall.

More information may be found at or

Please contact us with your specific needs.


ABI has a vendor page on StackHub, a resource for free and paid software add-ons.  Visit our page at to see what we have to offer or contact us to make a suggestion of what you want to see available.

eGo™ Wireless Sensors & other Sensing Products

Let ABI's eGo™ Wireless Sensors along with ABI's ABCx™ Service or EMIS solutions provide you with a connection to see what is going on inside your equipment to make more informed decisions.   Some examples of the types of sensors we offer include electrical current, temperature, humidity, and pressure.


In addition, ABI is pleased to also offer a variety of water sensing solutions


For a full list, please contact us.

Airborne Monitoring

Airborne Monitoring includes a group of products & services that together aid in monitoring the potential for airborne viruses in your building.  For more information, including a white paper, visit or contact us.


ABI offers Lighting retrofit solutions for existing buildings while possibly applying for prescriptive and custom rebates to offset costs.  For more information, contact us.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EV)

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations (EV) can add value to your location's attendees who drive electric vehicles.  The image shown is an example from one of our completed projects.


For more general information, see NREL at or contact us

Financing Options may be available for your project!

Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy®

When considering energy efficiency projects, successfully choosing the right efficiency provider to help identify and develop solutions to meet your goals can be challenging, and is only part of the process – you also need to consider how to pay for these upgrades that provide long term benefits. That’s why Constellation created Efficiency Made Easy® (EME) — a solution that can play an integral role in achieving your strategic financial and environmental goals.

This unique, award-winning solution provides an opportunity to pay for these conservation measures with no upfront capital through monthly charges that appear as a single, fixed-price line item as part of your monthly competitive power or gas supply bill from Constellation. You can realize cost savings through a reduction in consumption and an improved load profile, which will positively impact future energy costs and the ability to meet environmental goals over time.

Commercial PACE (C-PACE)

The Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing mechanism can make energy efficiency and renewable projects on private properties more affordable by extending the payments over twenty years.  Commercial PACE (C-PACE) is available for qualified commercial properties.  For more information including how the it works and its advantages and disadvantages, please visit or contact us.

Other Financing Options may be available

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