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SkySpark® Software & Services

ABI Advantage LLC (ABI) is a Value Added Reseller (VAR), Consultant, and a licensed Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider of SkySpark®, a powerful energy analysis, commissioning, and M&V software platform.  

SkySpark® is a registered trademark of SkyFoundry, LLC

SkySpark® Consultants

Providing the Functionality You Will Love


ABI Advantage has been supporting SkySpark® providers and end-users since 2014. We recognize that SkySpark® usage and relationships vary from organization to organization, and site to site, so we pride ourselves on taking custom approaches to support our clients in the ways that meet their needs. This includes providing a range of services from background support for Energy Services Companies, Engineering Firms, and Electrical, Mechanical, and Building Automation Contractors to providing fully managed MBCx programs for building owners, property management companies, and local governments.


As SkySpark® consultants, we are experts in using the SkySpark® software to help clients optimize their building performance. We can provide a range of services such as system design, installation, configuration, and customization, as well as data analysis, visualization, and reporting. We can also help contractors, engineers, facility managers, and more to identify and prioritize opportunities for energy savings, fault detection, and predictive maintenance, and develop strategies to achieve their goals. We work with our clientele to ensure that they get the most out of the SkySpark platform and achieve measurable results whether they want to do this on their own server or on ours.

Advanced Tech

Having a team consisting of a variety of backgrounds including years of experience developing and implementing solutions using SkySpark® software in facilities, having HVAC and BAS field experience, and having CEM and M&V professionals to provide SkySpark® Support Services, gives our clients an advantage in the level of detail they may need in scrutinizing and advancing the analysis of their data.  Whether our clients need more KPIs or other rules written to help in their evaluation or they need their data tagging sorted out to optimize the use of the SkySpark® platform or customizable options , ABI can help. 

Not only do we understand how to use SkySpark®, we understand how buildings and their equipment are supposed to operate. Let us help you take your building automation and evaluation to the next level!

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