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Energy Management Information System (EMIS): A broad family of tools and services to manage commercial building energy use. These technologies include, for example, the energy information system (EIS), equipment-specific fault detection and diagnostic systems (FDD), benchmarking and utility tracking tools, automated system optimization tools, and building automation systems.

Monitoring Based Commissioning (MBCx): MBCx is a process which maintains and continuously improves building performance over time. MBCx is defined as the implementation of an ongoing commissioning process with focus on monitoring and analyzing large amounts of data on a continuous basis.

Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Software: FDD automates the process of detecting faults in systems and assists in diagnoses of their potential causes. FDD systems for HVAC generally use a set of “expert rules” that analyzes Building Automation Systems (BAS) and meter data to determine fault conditions. FDD is a subset of EMIS, focused on system-level monitoring using the BAS data. 

ABI's ABCx™ Service is an ongoing service combining informatics and domain consulting with managed EMIS and MBCx services.  ABCx uses equipment level data accessed by the powerful software SkySpark® to provide the knowledge to make informed decisions to optimize your building's performance, predict maintenance needs, reduce energy, and lower operating costs.  ABI also offers a full line of wireless sensing products called eGo™ for those in need of a connection to their data.

*ABI also offers EMIS options that do not require signing up for an ongoing service such as customized solutions using SkySpark® software or Haxall, an open source software framework for the Internet of Things (IoT).  Haxall is based off of the underlying framework of SkySpark® by SkyFoundry that has been open sourced; both SkySpark® and Haxall are super efficient at handling historical data.  Contact us for more details.  


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